Isaac Jones homestead (1837-1851) Calloway County, KY

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hunting Creek, Surry County, NC (1801-1827).....Part 3

North Little Hunting Creek area, Yadkin Co., NC
(vicinity of Isaac Jones' homestead)

Beginning on April 28, 1821 with a small sale of eleven and a half acres to his neighbor Daniel Brown, Isaac would begin to sell off all his land in Surry County along Hunting Creek. This initial land sale was witnessed by Matthew Sparks and Isaac's son Willie (Wiley) Jones. This is very likely the beginning of Isaac's preparation towards migrating westward. Two years prior in 1819, his sons Thomas and Burrel had left for Warren County, TN along with their sister Alvina and her husband Bowen Whitlock. Shortly after witnessing the above land transaction to Daniel Brown, Isaac's son Wiley would also leave for Warren County, TN thought to have also been accompanied by his sister Jane and her husband at the time John Sparks.

A little over a year and a half later on August 8,1822, Isaac would sell another 136 acres to his other adjoining neighbor Benjamin Johnson for $100. This deed is important because once again it states that Isaac is "of the county of Iredell", helping solidify his location and marriage to Bethania Perkins. Six months later on February 21, 1823, Isaac sells another 100 acres of land on Hunting Creek to Daniel Brown for the sum of $200. This deed is witnessed by Henry Brown and Bethania's son Manoah B. Hampton, a good sign that Isaac's son Wiley had in fact left for Tennessee especially when coupled with the fact that he drops off the county tax records after 1820. By 1826, Isaac sells his last two remaining parcels of land in Surry County to his other adjoining neighbor Joel Sparks for the sum of $400, now leaving him with only the land that had belonged to his wife Bethania. The following year on October 13, 1827, Isaac and Bethania would together turn over the land left to her by her first husband Samuel Hampton to her son John B. Hampton in the deed recorded in both Surry and Iredell Counties that I mentioned in an earlier post. Having dispensed of all their land in the area, Isaac and Bethania head west for Williamson County, Tennessee, accompanied by William Jeffrey Jr. who had married Isaac's daughter Lydia. The group also most likely included William's brother John Jeffrey and Bethania's oldest son James Hampton, who both went on to Lincoln County, Tennessee around that time.

North Little Hunting Creek area, Yadkin Co., NC


  1. Fantastic blog you have here! I just stumbled upon it while researching my Surry County ancestors. Noticed that my great x5 grandfather is mentioned in the Surry court minutes from 1806. His name was Richard Green. He apparently lived close to Isaac Jones. Right now I'm trying to establish which families were probably closest to my gang. Richard Green actually moved to Surry around 1795 with his family as well as his mother and stepfather (James Minish) who is also mentioned in the court minutes. Look forward to reading everything you have here.

    1. Well hello Katie! Thanks for the kind words concerning my blog! I'm glad you were able to find mention of your relatives Richard Green & James Minish in the court minutes. By posting links to the actual documents on here, I had hoped that it would serve the purpose of helping others who weren't related to the actual people I was discussing in my blog. I'm actually familiar with the names you mentioned. The main family who lived adjacent to them were the Johnsons...Ashley Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, and John Johnson. Other families that lived in close proximity were the Whitlocks and the Windsors. If I can be of any other assistance, feel free to ask. Happy Hunting!