Isaac Jones homestead (1837-1851) Calloway County, KY

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunting Creek, Surry County, NC (1801-1827).....Part 2

Old Mill Site at Buck Shoals
(North Little Hunting Creek, Yadkin County, NC)

When war broke out between the United States and the British in 1812, the United States found itself ill-prepared in regards to the size and competence of it's fighting force. Eventually a strong reliance on state militias developed and at some point Isaac would enlist with the 2nd Surry Regiment of the North Carolina Militia and eventually be detached to the 2nd Company of the 8th Regiment under the 2nd Brigade of the North Carolina Militia. Muster rolls indicate that he served alongside his future son-in-law Bowen Whitlock who was the ensign for the company. It's highly unlikely that Isaac ever saw any fighting during the war because the detached militia from Surry County weren't even called into service until November 28, 1814. The war itself had relatively small impact on the state of North Carolina and it's citizens, seeing only a couple skirmishes along the coast near Ocracoke and Portsmouth. With the nearby Cherokee and other tribes having in the past thrown their support behind the British, this was most likely their biggest worry and main reason for keeping local militias at the ready.

A good sign that life in Surry County was proceeding as usual for Isaac Jones can be seen in the fact that on August 2, 1814 he purchases another 100 acres of land from Noel Waddell (Waddle) for the sum of  $200, bringing his total land holdings to as much as 324 acres. I use the phrase "as much as" because the 1812 Surry County tax list for Captain Hatley's District shows Isaac Jones being taxed for 326 acres of land and then in 1813 being taxed on 419 acres. This would seem to indicate that he had purchased an additional one hundred and ninety-five acres that are unaccounted for with existing deeds prior to 1814, thus bringing his total land holdings actually to 519 acres with his last purchase from Noel Waddle. By 1815, county tax lists seem to indicate that Isaac began parceling out some of his land to his two oldest sons Thomas and Wiley. Tax records for that year show Thomas with 95 acres and Wiley with 100, while Isaac now shows only being taxed for 324. Apart from the death of his wife, all signs would indicate that Isaac was doing extremely well for himself by the year 1818 when he marries his second wife Bethania Perkins.

1814 Surry County Deed~Noel Waddell to Isaac Jones (page 1)

1814 Surry County Deed~Noel Waddell to Isaac Jones (page 2)

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