Isaac Jones homestead (1837-1851) Calloway County, KY

Monday, April 23, 2012


Oh sweet you are!

A drum roll please.....................................

We now have a specific date of birth for Isaac Jones!!!!!!

March 5, 1770

This amazing piece of information came to me just this morning via the kindness and efforts of Virginia Mylius, a direct descendant of Isaac Jones' second wife Bethania through her first husband Samuel Hampton. The date is recorded in the family bible of Bethania's son Manoah B. Hampton and his wife Cynthia Mitchell. These bible records were graciously shared with Virginia by Kathy Hassenpflug!

Beyond the fact that we now have a specific date of birth for Isaac Jones, this is also important because it once again calls into question the entire validity of his entry on the 1850 Census. It appears based on this bible record that Isaac knew his exact date of birth, so if Isaac was actually only 80 at the time the census was taken in August, it's very unlikely he would've overstated his age by saying 81. Further proof his 1850 Census info wasn't given firsthand by him.

Once again, a HUGE thanks to Virginia Mylius and Kathy Hassenpflug for putting this info out there!

Family Bible of Manoah B. Hampton & Cynthia Mitchell

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