Isaac Jones homestead (1837-1851) Calloway County, KY

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flat Creek, Williamson County, TN (1827-1837).....Part 2

While his children were actively buying up a sizeable portion of northeast Calloway County, Isaac had returned to Williamson County where he continued purchasing land showing no signs of any intention of an immediate departure from Tennessee. On September 20, 1834, Isaac would purchase at auction 121 acres of land along Flat Creek in Maury County from Stephen M. Handcock for the sum of $49.50. Oddly enough, two days later Isaac would turn around and sell this same piece of land to William S. Moore for the exact same price in addition to an interest rate of "ten percent per annum." It is unclear whether this was a money-making attempt by Isaac or simply him helping William S. Moore out because the deed for this transaction also indicates that on September 27th, Isaac had been paid in full, not really leaving any opportunity for interest to accrue. The following year in 1835, Isaac would purchase another 115 acres along Flat Creek in Williamson County from David Green for $800. The land lay adjacent to the north of his original 1828 purchase and was once again bordered by David Gillespie to the east.

Although the exact date and circumstance is a mystery, later events would indicate that Isaac's third wife Nancy Dunlap passed away sometime around 1836. The following year Isaac would make several trips up to Calloway County to visit his family and make a few land deals that would hint to his imminent relocation to Kentucky. The first of these trips places Isaac in Calloway County on April 20, 1837 for the signing of a deed selling 150 acres of his Tinsley Survey to his son-in-law John Jeffrey for $100. By June 5th Isaac is back in Williamson County, TN writing out a deed to Elias Powell Sr., Elias Powell Jr., and Iquine Powell, transferring title of his 265 acre farm on Flat Creek over to them for the impressive sum of $2500. This amount was nearly twice what Isaac had originally paid for the land, netting him a nice profit of $1000. The following month on July 1, Isaac is back in Kentucky purchasing 160 acres of land which would be the beginning of his next homestead and actual place of residence in Calloway County. The land was purchased from Chapman Miller for the amount of $400 and was located near the present day community of Hico, lying just to the south of Palestine Methodist Church. Having been originally sold by the state as a non-military tract, the land is recorded in the deed as being the northwest quarter of Section 13, Township 3, Range 5 east, making it extremely easy to locate today.

Roughly two and a half months later on September 14, 1837, Isaac would purchase two more 160 acre tracts adjoining his initial land purchase. The first of the two land purchases bordered his land to the northwest and is recorded as being the southeast quarter of Section 11, Township 3, Range 5 east. This was purchased from Timothy Miller for the amount of $320. The second tract purchased that day was another from Chapman Miller, with the deed stating it consisted of 160 acres and being the east half of the northwest quarter of Section 14, Township 3, Range 5 east. There would seem to be a discrepancy in the writing of this second deed because if the land consisted of the east half of the northwest quarter, that would make it only 80 acres and not 160 as stated. When one factors in that Isaac only paid $80 for this particular piece of land, it would seem that the original acreage amount listed in the deed has in fact been misstated.

Less than two weeks after these land purchases, Isaac is back in Tennessee where he applies for a marriage license in Maury County on September 25, 1837. For wife number four Isaac selects his former neighbor to the south........the widow Kesiah Morris.

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