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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Child #2.....Wiley Jones (1789-1862)

Isaac Jones' second child was his son Wiley, born circa 1789 and most likely in Rowan County, NC. Upon his family's relocation to Surry County, NC, the general belief is that Wiley married a woman named Nancy Buterly on March 19, 1808. THIS IS NOT CORRECT AND ANOTHER CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY. The Wiley Jones that married Nancy Buterly, whose name was actually Elizabeth Buttery(Buttrey), was the son of Hardy Jones, not Isaac. Nancy was the daughter of Timothy and Mary Buttery of the Traphill area of Wilkes County, NC. When Nancy's father Timothy died in 1802, her mother got remarried to Joseph Thompson Sr. of Surry County. It is this same Joseph Thompson who acts as the bondsman for Nancy Buttery's marriage to the other Wiley Jones. Upon getting married the couple returned to the Traphill area of Wilkes County where they lived out their remaining days, with Wiley dying sometime prior to 1860 and Nancy sometime prior to 1870. The couple can clearly be seen on the 1820 through 1850 census records for that area of Wilkes County, and Nancy is seen in the same area living as a widow on the 1860 Census. Further evidence of what I'm saying can be found in a Wilkes County deed dated November 12, 1821 between "the heirs of Timothy Buttery deceased of the state of North Carolina and county of Wilkes" and "Wiley Jones one of the heirs of the state aforesaid and county of Wilkes."

Unfortunately an actual marriage bond doesn't exist for Isaac Jones' son Wiley, but I firmly believe that he married a woman named Nancy McDaniel in Surry County, NC at some point prior to 1812. Nancy was the daughter of Henry and Fanny McDaniel who lived within close proximity of Isaac Jones in the Hunting Creek area. The main piece of evidence that points to the couple's marriage can be found in Henry McDaniel's will from Surry County dated September 23, 1824, in which he refers to his daughter Nancy Jones. When one also factors in that Wiley's oldest son was named Henry (1812-NC) and his second oldest daughter Francis/Fanny (1819-NC), it leaves very little doubt that this is the correct marriage for Isaac Jones' son Wiley.

As with his older brother Thomas, past researchers have also thought that Wiley's first marriage was relatively short-lived, with Wiley getting remarried in Williamson County, TN on August 15, 1820 to a woman named Nancy Nolen. THIS IS NOT CORRECT AND A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY. Isaac Jones' son Wiley was still living in Surry County, NC as late as April 28, 1821 when he acts as a witness for his father's sale of land to Daniel Brown. Based on the birth year and location of Wiley's son Joshua Douglas Jones (1824), Wiley must have relocated to Tennessee sometime between 1821-1824. County records indicate that it wasn't Williamson County that Wiley chose as his new home but Warren County instead. This would be a likely choice considering his brothers were already living there and is backed up by a Warren County plat record dated August 7, 1829. It involves a 50 acre section of land on the Barren Fork of Duck River being surveyed for James Roughton and originally owned by Thomas Hopkins. The plat record further states that the land had at one point been "contracted to Wiley Jones" and "occupied by the last year by Bowen Whitlock." It's also interesting to note that the James Roughton who the land is being surveyed for was also originally from the Hunting Creek area of Surry County, NC and had married a daughter of Richard Messick who was the brother of George Messick.

With this having been said, I maintain that Wiley Jones and Nancy McDaniel had six children known to have survived infancy, with the possibility of three others as indicated by the 1820 Census for Surry County, NC and the 1840 Census for Calloway County, KY. The six known children would be: Henry W.(1812-NC), Isaac Jack (1815-NC), Lucinda (1817-NC), Frances E. (1819-NC), Joshua Douglas (1824-TN), and Hillard (1826-TN). Wiley's entry on the 1820 Census for Surry County, NC indicates that at the time he also had an additional unknown male child and female child under the age of 10. Without having been able to definitively locate Wiley on the 1830 Census, it's difficult to say what became of them. A ninth possible female child born between 1826 and 1830 is shown living in Wiley's home in 1840. With the general consensus being that Wiley was 4 years into his second marriage by this point, it's difficult to tell if she is a daughter from his first marriage or a stepdaughter through his second.

Wiley Jones' earliest appearance in the Surry County, NC records is the 1812 tax list where he is shown as only paying a poll tax. By 1817, he is shown being taxed for 140 acres adjacent his father Isaac despite there not being any record of him ever making any land purchases. By 1820, the acreage amount is up to 186 acres. Apart from playing witness to a couple of his father's land transactions, the only deed in Surry County that I've been able to locate where Wiley was a primary participant is the deed mentioned in my earlier post about his brother Thomas.

As mentioned earlier, Wiley and family left Surry County for Warren County, Tennessee sometime between 1821 and the Tennessee birth of his son Joshua Douglas in 1824. Warren County records of any sort are pretty scarce for this period and the 1829 plat record was all I was able to locate that made mention of Wiley Jones. By 1830 it's generally thought that Wiley had relocated further south to Lincoln County, TN. With his brother-in-law Bowen Whitlock and future brother-in-law John Jeffrey showing up in Lincoln County on the 1830 Census, there's a pretty good chance that the Wiley Jones also on the census is him.

Lincoln County would prove to be a short stay because by 1834 Wiley shows up in the tax records for Calloway County, KY. The following year he purchases 160 acres from the land office in Wadesboro, with the land being labeled as the NE 1/4 of Section 15, Township 3, Range 5 East. As with his brothers' similar land purchases at this time, the property was eventually signed over to his father Isaac in 1836. It is also around this same time that Wiley's first wife Nancy McDaniel passes away. Evidence of this can be found in the Calloway County marriage records that show Wiley getting married to a woman named Elizabeth Jones on January 21, 1836. It's generally thought that she was originally born Elizabeth Stewart and became a Jones after marrying a John Jones in Calloway County on October 27, 1832. It's been speculated that her previous husband was the father of John, Nathaniel P., and Adaline Jones from whom Isaac Jones purchased land in 1842. The belief that she was originally a Stewart comes from the presence of a 16 year old girl named Eliza Stewart living in Wiley's home in 1860, coupled with the belief that after Wiley's death Elizabeth can be seen listed as Elizabeth James and living in the home of Zebulon and Nancy Stewart in 1870. I honestly haven't really looked too close into the matter but if what I've just mentioned is in fact correct, Elizabeth Stewart Jones certainly had an interesting set of life circumstances.

Based on census records, Elizabeth Stewart was born circa 1790 in Kentucky. If the aforementioned scenario is correct, Elizabeth didn't marry for the first time until she was 42 and then married a man who was 72 at the time. When it comes to this particular Jones clan and marriage, stranger unions were formed so I hate to question this one's validity without having dug deeper into it. It may be that Elizabeth Stewart was what you would call a near textbook example of a spinster. It doesn't appear she had any children prior to, or during, her marriage to Wiley Jones. Wiley would continue to appear in the Calloway County tax records up until the year 1862 which is generally considered to also be the year of his death. As with his father Isaac and brother Thomas, there is no known grave location.

1821 Wilkes Co, NC Deed~Heirs of Timothy Buttery to Wiley Jones (evidence against Buttery marriage)

1819 Surry Co, NC Deed~Wiley Jones to Benjamin Johnson (page 1)

1819 Surry Co, NC Deed~Wiley Jones to Benjamin Johnson (page 2)

1821 Surry Co, NC Deed~Isaac Jones to Daniel Brown (Wiley Jones witness) page 1

1821 Surry Co, NC Deed~Isaac Jones to Daniel Brown (Wiley Jones witness) page 2

1829 Warren Co, TN Plat Record~Wiley Jones / Bowen Whitlock

1834 Calloway County, KY Tax List

1835 Calloway County, KY Land Office Receipt~Wiley Jones


  1. I came across your post on google, you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about the Jones. Do you know anything about this Wiley Jones? I agree I don't believe his wifes maiden was Buttrey but its a filler for now.

    Family Group Sheet for Wiley Jones

    Wiley Jones
    Birth:Abt. 1822 in Morgan County, Kentucky,USA
    Death:Abt. 1865 in Breathitt County, Kentucky, USA; Civil War
    Father: ???
    Mother: ???
    Elizabeth Buttrey ???
    Birth:13 Apr 1826 in Floyd County, Kentucky, USA
    Death:13 Apr 1899 in Breathitt County, Kentucky, USA; Buried at the Jones cemetary on South Fork
    Father: ???
    Mother: ???


    Name:Mary A Jones
    Birth:Abt.1837 in Breathitt County, Kentucky,USA
    Name:Cynthia Jane Jones
    Birth:Abt.1840 in Breathitt County, Kentucky,USA
    Name:Rebecca Jones
    Birth:Abt.1841 in Breathitt County, Kentucky,USA
    Death:15 Apr 1876 in Breathitt County,Kentucky, USA
    Spouse: Benjamin Clemons
    Name:Paulina Jones
    Birth:Abt.1846 in Breathitt County, Kentucky,USA
    Death:Abt.1878 in Breathitt County, Kentucky,USA
    Marriage:Abt.1861 in Breathitt County, Kentucky, USA
    Spouse: William Hall Russell
    Name:Alice Elizabeth "Allie" Jones
    Birth:Mar 1847 in Breathitt County, Kentucky,USA
    Marriage:Abt.1872 in Breathitt County, Kentucky, USA
    Spouse: McCager Napier
    Name:William Greenberry Jones
    Birth:13 Jul 1846 in Breathitt County, Kentucky, USA
    Death:13 Feb 1928 in Cannel City, Morgan, Kentucky, USA
    Marriage:1871 in Breathitt County, Kentucky, USA
    Spouse: Arnettie "Polly" Smith
    Name:John Dudley Jones
    Birth:Abt.1851 in Montgomery County, Kentucky,USA
    Death:21 Dec 1929 in Jackson,Breathitt,Kentucky, USA
    Spouse: Camelize Campbell
    Name:Nancy E Jones
    Birth:Abt.1854 in Breathitt County, Kentucky,USA
    Spouse: ??? Vires

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